How To Detect Email Scams (Two Real Examples + Screenshots)

Example 1: (Email Screenshots)


– First of all, the grammar and font of the offer letter are very poor.

– Secondly, the address on their website ( and the company says “Calgary” but their phone number is a “Toronto” phone number.

– If you visit their website and check the board of directors, you will notice that they lifted their board of directors word for word from a totally non-related company – (

– If you make further research, you will discover that their website was created just about seven months ago. This is another indicator that it is not genuine.

– Looking more deeply into the website, it appears that the website was actually created and hosted in Nigeria and registered to a Nigerian.

– There are so many other discrepancies I noticed on their website, but the ones I have listed above are enough to tell you it’s a scam. 

– If you wait for their call and hear what they have to say, if my guess is right, it will get to a point where they will ask you to pay a certain amount of money to approve or process your application or something like that.

– That will be the final piece of the puzzle to show you that it is a pure scam.

Example 2: (Email Screenshots)


– If you look at their email:, It points to the website ( If you visit the website, you will notice it is poorly designed. It doesn’t look like a proper company website at all.

You can visit it to check =>

– The caption on their website says “UK Recruitment“. This doesn’t match up with the location they said you got the job (Ireland)

– I made more research and discovered that they have another site which apparently has the same information, word for word as Very ridiculous.

– Even the documentation services they are using are not genuine.

– …. the website here is

–…. the website here is documents-processing.comI believe this website was created by them for the sole purpose of scamming people.

– You can imagine, 4 different websites so that you will not be able to track their real identity.

– Another thing to point out is that they are putting excessive pressure with the deadline date (8 days) so that you will rush and pay the money.

– Once you have spotted that an email is fake, just delete it or if there is a way to report the email do that.